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Inside 21 Days of Stillwater Fly Fishing: 
25+ Hours of Professional Stillwater Fly Fishing Instruction

Learn proper equipment and boat setup for fly fishing stillwaters

Truly learn how lakes work to understand whenwhere and how to approach stillwaters at ANY time of year!

Master the art and science of chironomid fishing on stillwaters

 Develop the knowledge, skillset and framework for routine stillwater fly fishing success

 Learn how to develop a systematic approach to fly fishing stillwaters and REMOVE the guesswork
 Demystify advanced stillwater techniques such as naked lining

Spend less time guessing and approach lakes with confidence and certainty

Mobile-friendly, downloadable video lesson content
Chironomid Tying Mastery Video Course ($97 Value)

Approaching New Lakes Workshop ($97 Value)

Private Stillwater Academy Facebook Community

“Stillwater Academy provides excellent, high quality, professional presentations with experiential expertise... the best value for my dollar!”

Steven D.

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Add Stillwater Fly Tying Intensive LIVE Sessions with Jordan and Phil for $97 CAD

2hr LIVE Workshop with Jordan and Phil on May 6th!
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